Canadian Passport Photos

Specifications for Canadian Passport Photos, taken from the Government of Canada website.

Specifications for Canadian Passport Photos, taken from the Government of Canada website.

finding a photographer that makes canadian passport photos.

Unlike American passport photos, Canada has more demanding requirement for their photos. First, they are larger than American photos. They need to be 50mm by 70mm, or 2” x 2 3/4”. Second, they need to be taken by a professional commercial photographer. Drugs stores in Virginia have the ability to make American passport photos and print them on their machines in house, but they are not set up for Canadian passport photos. The back of one of the photos needs to be stamped with the photographers name, and signed by them, and dated.

Getting the head size correct on Canadian Passport photos

Getting the head size correct on the passport photo is very important. If it’s off by just a fraction, the passport office will reject your photo and you’ll need to start over. I have been photographing Canadian passport photos for years and I’ve never had one returned. I guarantee it will be correct the first time!



Using professional lighting and camera equipment

Canada requires you to have a neutral expression on your face. It’s not going to be the most flattering photo you’ve ever had taken, but when I do your session, it will be the best passport photo you’ve ever had. I use Profoto professional lighting with softboxes that produce a smooth and even light. I use a Canon 5d Mark 4 camera on the highest resolution setting for a crisp image. Finally, your passport photo will be printed in my studio on a DNP Dye Sublimation printer. It usually takes about 10 minutes to complete the process. Please call me to schedule your Canadian passport photo session at 757-681-2808.