I photographed this event at The University of Richmond. The theme of this conference was “CELEBRAT10N.”  I photographed The keynote speaker Dr. Cecilia E. Suarez while she was addressing the conference. Dr. Suarez joined the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at The University of Florida as Assistant Professor of Leadership and Intercultural Communication. She also serves as a faculty affiliate for the Center for Latin American Studies, the Education Policy Research Center, and serves as the Director of the Women’s Mentor and Advocacy Program at The University of Florida. Afterwards I captured images of workshop sessions with speakers Janaya Khan and Mariah Williams.

Janaya Khan is the international ambassador of Black Lives Matter, Canada. Janaya currently serves as executive director of Gender Justice LA.

Mariah Williams is an urban planner who is dedicated to creating and advocating for spaces for the being of black bodies, specifically, black women and girls. She is the founder of Black Girls Meet Up.